About Kerb Machinery Australia

Kerb Machinery Australia is manufactured by Borderline Queensland.

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business?

Kerb Machinery Australia can help you realize your dreams! Our state-of-the-art equipment utilizes the latest technology and is the easiest to operate and maintain on the market today.  We are continually improving our products and processes, ensuring you'll have the latest machinery and products you need to attract and satisfy your customers in the residential or commercial field.

We also lead the field in all the latest designs in Hand Stamp and Stamp Pattern Rollers to suit any application.

All machinery is manufactured in Australia.

Our Testimonials


I bought this kerbing business known as EDGECRETE in 2001.

I have updated my kerb machinery with the Borderline's latest equipment in the last couple of years, I would highly recommend them as the best and most reliable in the kerbing industry.

The EDGECRETE name has been operating since 1979 which in fact was the first kerbing business to own and operate Richard Eggleton's  kerb machines in Queensland.

Neil McQuillan
0408 756 191
Gold Coast

Shane Brittain

Owner operator , East Coast Edging pty ltd Here is my personal recommendation I brought a Borderline concrete garden edging machine in 1991 ,and have operating ever since.

Richard's experience and knowledge of the edging industry is second to none, his ideas, responsiveness , and implementations have been far beyond industry norms and even my own expectations.

It is a pleasure to deal with Richard who not only understands and accommodates my inquires, but also adds value to them through inventive applications and ideas I highly recommend his service to business owners.

R&R Hire Services

For the past 10 years R&R Hire Services has enjoyed the reliability with our borderline sod cutter and concrete garden edging machines.

The sod cutter has been regularly hired as a sod cutter alone, as well as it going out as a pair to complete the garden edging system. Our customers always come back happy with what they have achieved even though they have never done it before.

Looking at our service history we have never had to replace or repair anything on the edging machine, and only a few blades, two bearings and a full set of tires in the past ten years on the sod cutter. I wish all our equipment was designed to last like the borderline equipment.

It is my recommendation that if you're looking for reliable garden edging equipment the borderline system is hard to pass up. 

Ian Rodgers
R&R Hire Services
Caboolture Q.L.D 4510
07 54958683

Kerb Effects Wagga Wagga

We brought a Borderline machine 7 years ago off Richard Eggleton. We have never had any trouble at all. Richard has made extra moulds to our specifications with no issues . After being in the trade for a long time we found the borderline machine to be a very sturdy and reliable machine and is a lot easier to use than other machines we have had. We would highly recommend this machine.

Aaron de Jong
Owner of Kerb Effects Wagga Wagga

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