S700 Turf Cutter

Specifically for use with the kerb machine.

Makes the job easy by way of digging trench to install the kerb.

It's  offset cutting blade ensures that there is no damage to existing garden beds, or hard up against walls, paths and driveways.


  • The s700 turf cutter takes the back breaking work out of ground preparation.
  • The machine is easy to operate, service and maintain.
  • You can cut 100 metres of turf in 15 minutes with this unique machine.
  •  the handlebars are designed for greater stability on any terrain.
  • The rear wheels are double dog drive.  Its low centre of gravity ensures stability on sloping sites.
  • There are no gears, levers, chains and sprockets to adjust or maintain. 
  • It is the most maneuverable and user friendly machine in the industry. 
  • Centrifugal clutch drive.
  • Safety handle throttle.
  • Honda engine.
  • High tensile cutting blade.
  • Bigger tyres for maximum traction.
  • Twin crank drive to cutting blade.

s700 Turf Cutting Machine 1
s700 Turf Cutting Machine 2
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