The K40 is a large heavy duty machine for use in the commercial field.

It is designed to lay concrete kerbing around shopping centres, caravan parks, golf courses, and car parks in industrial or semi- industrial areas.

This machine completely eliminates guide rails and formwork.

A superior finish is achieved by the simultaneous application of a thin layer of grout onto the already formed concrete kerb.

The K40 is supplied with 1 mould of your choice fitted with a slurry box attached
and hand tools to suit.

Various other moulds are available on order.


  • Model K40 is self propelled by way of concrete being compacted by the ramb plate simultaneously propelling the machine forward, the drive chain is a heavy duty gear box linked to the compaction ramb plate by twin cranks and rod ends.
  • Power source is a petrol engine.
  • Two-way adjustable V-belt tension bolts.
  • Pneumatic tyres with steel hubs.
  • 2-Way adjustable height control jacks.
  • Wide wheel track for more stability.
  • Left & right hand adjustable slide steering
  • Low centre of gravity ensures greater stability on sloped or steep work sites.
  • Split-level design allows you to extrude concrete in a narrow trench.
  • Model K40 extrudes a concrete kerb mix supplied from your local concrete plant.
  • Can extrude kerb over vertical or horizontal rebar.

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