Handyman Kerb Machine

The handyman is designed for people wishing to start up a small business without the big overheads, or for the weekender jobs.

This machine is supplied with 3 standard garden moulds and hand tools to suit.


  • The handyman model is propelled by way of concrete being compacted by ram plate simitaneously propelling the machine forward, drive chain is a gear box linked to the compaction ram plate by single crank arm and rod ends.
  • Power source is a petrol engine.
  • Two-way adjustable v-belt tension bolts.
  • Pneumatic tyres with steel hubs for more traction over soft or rough terrain.
  • 2 –way adjustable height control jacks.
  • Wide wheel track for better stability.
  • Left and right hand adjustable slide steering.
  • Low centre of gravity ensures greater stability on sloped or steep work sites.
  • Split-level design allows you to extrude concrete in a narrow trench.
  • Each mold is supplied with hand tools to suit.
  • Easy access to all moving parts.
  • Easy bolt-on mold.
  • Left or right handed patented mold dye inserts.
  • Open design gives you cooler running engine for longer engine life.
  • Cross section level vial.
  • Adjustable drop pointer for height and string line guide.
  • Tough powder coating finish.
  • 3 year warranty.
Moulds Supplied with Handyman
Handyman Kerbing Machine 1
Handyman Kerbing Machine 2
Handyman Tools
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